Berkeley Pier - shortlisted for funding; redesigns to be presented in Dec and Jan


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WETA gave the city $250,000 to look at possible operations out of Berkeley for a small ferry, a large ferry and a hydroplane ferry.

The results of that study, along with conceptual designs for a fishing and ferry pier, are slated to be presented publicly in December and January, Ferris said. The current timeline has council providing direction about ferry plans in March 2021. T1’s Phase 1 list included about $245,000 for a planning process around the pier in addition to the WETA money.

“We hear about the Berkeley Pier in almost every meeting,” Ferris told neighbors this week.
Unfortunately, I moved to California after Berkeley Pier had already closed. Hopefully it's a sign of progress, albeit slowly...would be nice to have another pier option in the East Bay :) Still seems like at least a couple years out before anything fishable happens.