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Ken Jones

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Last night I had a nice interview with a girl from Cal Berkeley that is writing an article on the Berkeley Pier for her journalism class (that will be published). We discussed a wide range of topics regarding the pier but one thing she is really looking for is how the closure affected local anglers and their thoughts on the city's plans for the pier. The city is planning a ferry landing at the pier but also saying the money from the ferry landing wiill, in part, be used to renovate the pier. Obviously there are pluses and minuses with the plan but if that is the only way to pay for a renovation, or the reopening of the pier, it may be the necessary.

She wondered if I might be able to make contact with some local anglers but I told her I would need your permission. If you would be willing to be interviewed please send me a note [ ] with your telephone number and I will pass it on to her. She plans to finish the article in the next few weeks so please respond on a timely basis if interested.
Will send you an email, although I'm mostly a Berkeley-based angler who has never had a chance to fish that pier. I'm assuming she might be OK with coordinating a phone conversation over email instead? I rarely pick up unknown numbers/calls these days with too many spammers and scammers.

Ken Jones

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I have sent along the contact information but I know she was headed home to the Redondo Beach area over Thanksgiving so I'm not sure when she will contact everyone.

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Great to hear. You are THE EXPERT on the Berkeley Pier.
Well, if I have any expertise now, it's from being on PFIC's website (20) years. I've fished that pier constantly from the late 60's and have seen a lot. After being on this board, I became aware of things I witnessed the almost (30) years growing up fishing the pier. The next (30) years I was able to gain some expertise. I hope to rejoice some day (2025) on the reopening of the Berkeley Pier and fish with some of the people I have fished with on that pier for about (30) years every week in the past like: Glen, Rick, Oren....
The reporter, Pamela Estrada, wanted to know what the importance of the pier was to the people that utilized it.
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I ended up talking with her yesterday, she was great. Most of our conversation was just about my general fishing story since I couldn’t really speak to ever fishing the Berkeley Pier except for longingly in my dreams.

We actually met up at the Berkeley Marina, and I threw a line out when we talked—a homemade float rig with shrimp, expecting smelt or perch. I wasn’t expecting much given the seasons and time of day, but caught a nice little striped/rainbow surf perch off the rocks during our conversation! A good photogenic fish too :) C and R.

I also mentioned how helpful PFIC was in my learning experiences. Have learned a lot from the site and from the folks in this very own thread. I hope the pier reopens again, one day…