Benicia Bait and Tackle stores



Is anybody has an idea why telephones of both Benicia Bait and Tackle stores are disconnected?
This is the worst start to a salmon season in recorded history. Only one salmon caught since opening day back in mid July at 1rst street and only 2 or 3 (unconfirmed or rumored) at Benicia State Park.


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I was at Benicia State Park this past Wednesday from 8am-12pm. No salmon were caught, but the sea lions are actively patrolling so they must be around.


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wouldn't it be hilarious if the sealions are there only because they see fishermen there? "Huh, the shore is lined up with fishermen...the salmon should be around"
There are a few salmon being caught, but I wouldn't waste my time heading up there yet. Packed with 50 guys casting for 6 hours and 2 fish coming up. It's either the worst year ever or just the latest run ever.