Belmont Pier aka Veteran's Memorial Pier. Updates On Refurbishing?

Fishman Fishman

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Been doing some fishing at Veteran's Memorial Pier in Long Beach about twice a month this year. Only practice catch and release of croaker, mackerel, sandshark, ray's, etc. Beats working.:) Each time the pier is dirty. Littered with trash, rubber gloves and graffiti. (n) Even patches of grass growing at the southeast end. Only pier where I have seen grass growing on it!

Anyone know anything regarding status of fixing up the pier or building a new one? Thank you.

Ken Jones

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I haven't heard of any recent reports on refurbishing the pier although if you go back a few years there were plans. It seems to be largely overlooked by the city.

Fishman Fishman

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Mr. Jones,

Nice to hear from you. I've sent several emails to City of Long Beach officials. No response. I've also questioned the legality of the restaurant at the end of the pier, cordoning off about two hundred feet of public pier for private use. I reached out to the CA Coastal Commission about this. The agency responded by stating they would look into the matter. That was four months ago. I also contacted DFG to post poacher decals at the fish cleaning stations. A warden responded by stating he would need to contact the city for authorization. No decals posted to date. Not much movement to improve pier conditions by any public agency. Very sad.