Bay Area (my report)

Fished a few places this past week and weekend.

Benicia > dead
Crockett > spotty striper action, mostly shakers
Point Pinole Pier> Some halibut action, some striper action on the shoreline south of pier
Paradise Pier is closed
Treasure Island> dead
Alameda Rock Wall> some halibut action but mostly dead
Fort Point Pier> Open but slow action
SF Municipal Pier> closed to fishing
Berkeley Marina>some halibut action if the birds are diving for bait
Richmond Rock Wall>occasional halibut but mostly dead. Slow striper action, a few perch here and there.

Wish I had better news, but I don't....
too bad about the fishing, they are advising that people dont cruise around like you did...its how the virus will spread and how one will catch it easier