bass under grey skies


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took my dad out on the cattle boat in san diego for some 1/2 day calico bass action off La Jolla last weekkend. It was kinda slow and overcast so the water was dark and the bite was not off the charts. For rookies we did poorly, catching about about 6 fish, two keepers. Other people were catching them left and right with weedless slug kind of lures or even cut bait. The bass were quick to snatch the live sardines or anchovies that we were fly-lining. I know how to do this technique but it was hard to teach my dad how. I ended up giving him tackle with a bigger weight just to get it down and be able to feel the bite. He did catch the two keepers tho, lol.

i'm gonna have to go out of Point Loma next time, their boat seems to try harder to put people on fish, or I have more luck with them.