Bart Hall Show with Mahigeer


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I joined Mahigeer to visit Bart Hall Show at Long Beach this Friday. I only could stay there a few hours but it was fantastic though the convention reduced its size from the past. The show was starting at noon so we started with a quick lunch, nice and healthy one. You see Mahigeer donning his tuna shirt! Game on!


I first visited Manzanar Fishing Club booth. If you have not seen it check out the film to learn of the history of Japanese american encampment and fishing there. ( Here in the photo, the camp survivor showing me off the high end fishing rod they would use there. Made of a tree branch.

They told me there is a booth for Tenkara fishing at the show. So I looked. It was one of the Us made rod manufacturer Luong. His brand is called Tenkara Tanuki. It is pretty and high quality rods albeit not cheapest in price. We took some goofy group photos.

We visited a bunch of shops and booth as I was wanting to pick up some terminal stuffs, while Mahigeer greeted many of his old friends. Bass fishing demonstrators looked pretty impressive.
IMG_6929.jpeg IMG_6930.jpeg

We ended our tour at the booth of his friend Jose who runs Cedros fishing. One day I would love to join him there. IMG_6936.jpeg

I feel I accomplished a good deal since I came out of the show without new rods and reels in my hand. I have too many already. But as a true consumer, I am always a sucker to new gears. Gears for this and gears for that. It is endless. I'd rather improve my skills to maintain and fix my existing tackles better to last longer. But hey those new lures looked oh so shiny and I bet they look good in my tackle box....
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