Balboa Pier Report


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3:30PM to 8:30PM. Last minute trip.

State of the pier:

Mackerel. Mackerel on sabiki rigs four and five at a time. Mackerel on Krocodiles. Mackerel on 1/0 and 2/0 circle hooks with ungodly large chunks of... mackerel, intended to keep the mackerel from getting hooked. Mackerel on cut frozen anchovies. Topwater, midwater, bottom. Consistently from the breakers to the end of the pier.

Mostly small to midsize.

Sea lions were also catching Mackerel. The mackerel didn't care.

Good luck catching anything else, it would be like trying to buy a watch in a duty free in Nassau an hour after a cruise ship docks. You're just going to get outcompeted by the horde.

The Ruby's mushroom swiss burger is really good if you open it up and smush some chili cheese fries inside.

If you want bait, now's the time to get it. I regret not bringing a cooler because I could have vacuum packed and frozen enough bait to last the whole season.

The usual party line was in effect because it was damn near party boat crowded with the same type of folks filling buckets. Everybody was in a good mood and despite some tangles there was no conflict. It was too nice out for people to get riled up.


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I’ll be there on Sunday fishing with some friends that are new to fishing. Hope those conditions hold up as it will be perfect for new people!

Thanks for the report!


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Adding onto this report, I was there this morning on the incoming tide, caught ONE small mackerel on the jigpara 15g. I left at 10 because the heat was getting unbearable.