Balboa Pier PM Report 03/31/2019

Hey gang, LONG time lurker on the board. Finally had time to hit the pier:

Beautiful day, got there late at 7pm. Lots of fisherman but overall fishing was slow as most buckets were empty with a few mackerel spread around. Saw the birds work a bait ball a few hundred meters away from the pier but saw no other predators.

Our group of 4 ended up with 9 mini macs. Saw nothing else caught and called it a day.

Sad to see the state of our fishery. I grew up fishing this pier when you could catch barred and walleye perch all day long with a sabiki. Sadly, it looks like those days are long gone...
The surf perch almost completely disappeared a few years ago in socal due to the massive el nino we had. They actually are starting to show back up finally.
I hope so bud. We had a decent perch trip at Goleta in February with many walleye, kelp fish and rock wrasse caught.

Thanks for the report, I’m headed down there Friday, hope it gets better around then.
Good luck bud, I think I'm going to the skiff rentals this weekend if the bait barge is back.