Balboa Pier & Huntington Beach Pier 09/10/2020

After reading some of the recent reports, I headed down to Balboa and Huntington Beach to see if the boneheads were biting.

I fished Balboa from 6 am to 11 am. I tried the splasher rig, mini jig and top surface plug. I caught all my fish on the mini jig (jigpara 15g). Tally: 10 micro macs and 1 bonehead. It was nice to see Snookie there. She told me the sardine number have declined. I hope they show up again in good numbers really soon.

I was really close to going home as I approached Huntington. The winds were picking up and the marine layer would not let a glimpse of the sun break through. Glad I didn’t go home just yet.

I fished Huntington from noon to 4 pm. I fished with a 30 gram jigpara and 42 gram colt sniper. I caught my bonehead limits plus 5 more which I released. In addition I caught quite a few micro macs. Long day of fishing, but a very rewarding day it was. Here are a few pics of the bigger bonito ranging from 2 to 2.5 lbs I’m guessing...

DED9B1BE-7740-4266-A40C-4769C839D1C5.jpeg 40D2F446-D338-4AD7-8F39-A69FF4E07A07.jpeg FA3AC6C8-75F9-49B0-94E7-7F04BEAB26AA.jpeg