Balboa Pier Evening - Dead - Mon Aug 27

I popped in at Balboa on Monday evening about 6pm (27th) to escape the heat and check out water conditions and it was D E A D. A few sardines being caught on sabikis. No mackerel or anything really and pier was pretty busy. I got 0 bites on jigs, no visible bait in water, not even smelt. One little unattended rod next to me doubled over and start to fly over the rail and I grabbed it mid-air, now with a rod in each hand. Owner ran over from the shade of Ruby's and cranked it in it was a nice little flounder, pretty rare in my experience. Took a stroll hoping for a swim but water was still pretty cold so strolled the surfline. Endless sand crabs! Solid for the 30 min we walked away toward Newport, variable sizes from tiny to pretty big. Escaped the heat for a bit anyway.


Ken Jones

Staff member
Thanks for the report. I believe the flatfish is a diamond turbot given the spots but it could be a spotted turbot (since the shape of a diamond turbot is usually more distinctively diamond-shaped).