Balboa Pier 8/3


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Finally got out to fish after brutal summer classes and recovering from an injury. I got to the pier at 5:30 am, and started fishing a 15 gram jigpara for a steady pick on small-medium mackerel. Once the sun came out, the bite slowed somewhat, but scattered schools of medium-sized sardines began aggregating around the pier. At around 9:30, the sardines disappeared, leaving only a slowish mackerel bite. Of note, I saw two very small bonito being caught (sardine sized), which thankfully were released. Additionally, it appears the city has installed two sets of wires high above the railings at the end section of the pier to prevent overhead casting. However, these wires made it difficult to get sabikis over the railing, and contributed to most of the fish that I had lost today, as fish would often get knocked loose as I tried to maneuver the rod and rig through the limited space.


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I wonder if Snookie knows anything about those wires and why they were put up?
Yes I do know a little about it. The shark fishermen on the end were overhead casting and wouldn't do it underhand so I am assuming the city put up the wires around the three sides of the end. It did end overhead casting.
Many years ago, like in the early 60's it seemed we just were getting lots of bonito off the Balboa pier, usually at the end of August.. In the mid 70's I recall bonito being so plentiful we were getting them inside Redondo breakwater. Even went out with a co-worker from my school and we were using trout gear to make things interesting. What do the experienced people think will take place later this month around Balboa?


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Bonito has not shown up at Catalina recently, or at least when I was there in April.

Water needs to be warmer, or they are being taken in Baja, by smaller mesh of commercial fisherman's nets.