Balboa Pier 6/11


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Broke out of quarantine to do some fishing after finals were over. I got to the pier at around 10:40 am, a little after peak low tide. I started off fishing a sabiki under a float with sardine chunks, and jigged a size 3 Hayabusa sabiki. For the first couple hours, there was little action on the float rod, but there was constant action on sardines on the smaller sabiki. I switched out the float rig for a live bait rig and fished a live sardine, only to get bitten off by the sea lion repeatedly. Around 1:30 pm, the mackerel action began to pick up. I switched back to the float rig and also began throwing a Coltsniper. Both caught a fair amount of fish. I left at 2:40 only because I didn't have enough room in my small cooler. Even then, I ended up with ~100 sardines, 11 chub mackerel, 1 jack mackerel, and 1 jacksmelt. Of note was that nobody other than the anglers were social distancing or wearing face coverings.