Balboa pier 04/17

Decided to go load up on bait. Fished the pier from 4 to 8 PM. Got just about every kind of bait you would want. Sardines, Mack's(small to medium size), smelt, and even a few jack macks. Also, what the hack are these? Caught 20 of them. Wouldn't say it was wide open, but plenty of action to keep busy. Caught every thing on sabikis and hi-low rigs. Now got good bait for catfish and sardines for stripers.

Interesting note, some cholos were using compressor potatoe gun to launch their weight way way way out there for the slider bobber rigs. Cool to see it works.



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Thanks for the report.

Seems we missed each other. Well, sort of.

I was there on Thursday visiting Snookie. She got a couple of hits by halibut, but did not stick.

I spent most of the time talking to her than fishing, then my wife had enough walk at the island.

Thus, I really did not setup and went for a nice meal at a Persian restaurant.


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Do not keep these baby bocaccio if you catch them. Limit two and have to be over 10 inches long.
They have eliminated the sub limit on bocaccio. You can now keep 10. Unfortunately I believe they have also eliminated the size limit as I cannot find it anywhere in the current regs.
I kinda guess they were salmon groupers. They were tiny. 2 inchers. Do not keep them. Saw many others fishing catching them too. Does that mean, they stick around? Are there 10inchers around? Breeders?

Ken Jones

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I stand corrected on the bocaccio (aka salmon grouper), I cannot find a listing for them in the new regulations. I still though would recommend releasing those you catch, let them grow to adult size. Juvenile bocaccio move in around piers and eventually as they age move into deeper water.