Baker Beach and Alameda Rockwall

Red Fish

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  • Went to Baker Beach Saturday morning to attempt a little crabbing and perhaps some perch grubbing. The conditions were supposed to be favorable but the surf was higher than predicted and had a definite adverse effect in the crab snaring and fishing. I joined a couple PFICers out there.

  • Sunday afternoon , I took a drive down to the Alameda Rockwall (which is a public Pier) for the afternoon minus tide to pump ghost shrimp for a later sturgeon fishing trip. Also, the ARW free launch ramp is being rebuilt as well as the bathrooms remodeled! So I wanted to see that. I also interviewed a few fishermen that said the fishing was dead.
  • A few pictures to document the outings. AB96314B-8A8F-4864-AFD5-BD6F82ED46EB.jpeg F9978629-7959-44EB-8EBF-E5BBBC01B146.jpeg 5AC5FD96-C47A-4EEA-AA27-20D499001BD7.jpeg DA1A3436-D041-4231-BF73-C5FF42230B6B.jpeg A927FE31-A6C7-48CA-BC9A-8306F01DB2A4.jpeg BAC1F890-A954-4FB3-9BC9-BF073DECD1C3.jpeg D83F35CB-3C9B-44A5-9AB3-B65F29B7981E.jpeg EA302B70-529C-4606-96AC-ED6F4D2EC4D3.jpeg View attachment 1103 7CC4820A-151E-4547-B5B4-249C9AF4B796.jpeg B8E5FB75-C9BA-4ECD-9E82-06FB9753A492.jpeg
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