Avalon 9/28-29


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Late report; I went to Avalon for a two days and one night with a friend.

We took the 7 am boat out (earliest boat now because of COVID). We started off at the GPP. There was decent fishing for 12"-13" calico for the first two hours with lots of live bait available. It slowed substantially for the next couple hours, with only a few halfmoon and calico being caught on the float rig. At 2pm, we walked to Pebbly Beach. There were no leopard sharks around, and I caught only one 14" calico. We returned by 4, and continued fishing. The bite on short calico picked up again, but otherwise it was slow. At night, lots of bait came out with scattered boils, but otherwise it was slow. We called it at 9:30

I woke up at 6:30 am and began fishing the GPP. Like yesterday, there was lots of live bait, but the air and water were substantially warmer. I lost a couple nicer sized fish to the structure. As the sun came up, the bait dispersed for a while, then came back, but was moving rather quickly. My friend caught two large opaleye, and I continued to catch many short calico. At one point, bonito started to boil in the harbor, and I missed three on the splasher. At 1, we rented a skiff with a third person, and attempted to troll for bonito, for no luck. We then made the run to Pebbly beach and scraped out a 16" sheephead and several whitefish. The wind picked up and drove us back into the harbor. It was slow fishing for the rest of the day until we took the 7:30 pm boat home.

SC McCarty

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Where do you fish on Pebbly Beach? Looking at Google Maps, I don't see any structure for fishing, from Abalone Point to the industrial area.