Avalon 8/11


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I took the 6:30 am ferry to Avalon and started off fishing the Mole. What immediately stood out the me as soon as I got to the northeast corner was that the kelp was beginning to grow back. I started out fishing cut sardines, while a friend I had brought fished for opaleye. I caught a couple tiny (5") calico, and my friend caught many garibaldi, with a couple very small calico mixed in. Fishing was extremely slow the entire day, with pretty severe wind at around 10 am to 11. Around 2 pm I caught a 16" bonito on the splasher, and around 6 pm I caught another 21" fish on the same rig. Sometime towards the end of the trip I also caught a 11" scorpionfish. I did not fish the GPP as my friend did not want to walk that distance with our gear.