Avalon 4/15


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I have midterms in a little over a week. Naturally, I decided to go fishing.

I took the 6:30 am ferry and immediately started fishing the Mole. I soaked a big chunk of mackerel on one rod while fishing a coltsniper on the other. I had two runs on bait, both of which I missed. There were boils well out of casting distance from the pier until about 10 am. I caught three chub mackerel but otherwise no action on the jig. Once I gave up on the lures, I fished strips of squid on a dropper loop for a couple small whitefish and a short sheephead. At one point I caught a 15" calico, but otherwise fishing was extremely slow. Somewhere in the mix, I caught a largemouth blenny. At 3 I moved to the GPP, and started fishing for opaleye. The short calico were back in plague proportions, and they beat most of the opaleye to the bait. I managed to catch two half-decent opaleye. Around 4 pm, large mixed schools of sardines and jack mackerel began swimming in front of the pier. I caught a couple, and moved back to the Mole by 6 pm. I caught nothing on fresh cut sardines, and went back home on the 7:30 ferry.

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Thanks for the report.

I will be there next week for two nights and three days.

Hoping for bonito and Sheephead.

Was the platform in front of GPP pier installed?


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Thanks for the report. Sounds similar to when we were there last. Really nice Kelp Bass! I love the largemouth Blenny and Opal eye pics. Pretty fish!