Avalon 3/24


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Headed to Avalon for my spring break. I hopped on the 7:05 am boat and once at the island, met up with Evan, Ken, and Hashem. Conditions were beautiful, with a slight breeze and clear, sunny skies. I started off chucking a coltsniper for bonito, with no luck other than a passing strike that left tooth marks in the jig. After a while, I gave up and started opaleye fishing. I hooked a large 15" opaleye, one that I could not have landed without Hashem's help (even if I used my last two brain cells to miss the net by a mile for a good couple passes). I lost two more similarly sized fish, then switched to fishing dropper loops with cut squid. From 10 am to 5 pm, I caught whitefish after whitefish, most too small to bother keeping. In the mix, I somehow caught two mackerel and a couple short sheephead, but otherwise the whitefish came in Biblical proportions. Around 4pm, the wind picked up severely, averaging around 15 knots, making casting and feeling bites nearly impossible. Even then, I still pulled in whitefish. I called it by 6 pm ish and got in line for the 6:30 boat home.

Even if the conditions were less than ideal, it was great getting to meet and fish with other PFIC members.


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Great to fish with you! That Opal Eye you caught was amazing! It was really great watching you sight fish the Mole the way you were doing: spotting and targeting specific fish in the water. Had you not mentioned that giant black sea bass, I probably would not have seen it! Let's do it again!