Avalon 11/22 - 11/13


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My family had planned a Thanksgiving day trip to Catalina Island. I had not planned on fishing on that day, but since the opportunity presented itself, I decided to go so that I could burn some old frozen bait.

11/22 - Took the 6 am ferry out to Avalon and started fishing the Cabrillo Mole. First fish was a smelt. The second fish was a 19" calico caught using that same smelt. I threw out big chunks of mackerel in the hopes of attracting sharays/morays. Instead I ended up catching another 20" calico and two 17-19" sheephead, with many more losses due to the kelp. I moved to the GPP in hopes finding opaleye and bat rays, but instead ended up catching three keeper sheephead (released two), with many more shorts, a couple short calico, and an octopus. Headed in by 6:30 and had dinner.

11/23 Woke up at 5 am and headed to the Mole. No bonito showed up. I fished til 2:30, losing at least 5 larger fish in the kelp and filling out my sheephead limit. Also caught what I think is a rainbow scorpionfish (Scorpaenodes xyris).

All fish will be used or given away.



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Very excellent indeed never heard of rainbow scorpionfish it does look different than your normal sculpin nice report thanks Brock
It has shorter spines on its first dorsal, a longer anal spine, a prominent spot on the operculum, and a proportionally smaller head/mouth than our usual CA scorpionfish. Also it generally has a deeper red coloration.


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Looks like a great trip. I agree definitely not the normal sculpin. It does look like the photos I looked at for a rainbow. My only question is how long was it as maximum size on rainbows is listed as 15 cm or 5.9 inches.