Avalon 1/3


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Went with a couple friends to Avalon for a day of fishing.

Took the 6 am boat out and began fishing at the Mole immediately. There were lots of blacksmith and baby halfmoon that provided steady action for everyone else, while I fished slabs of mackerel. First fish was a very close call - even with the reel in freespool with the clicker on, it still nearly yanked that setup off the pier. First decent fish of the day was a 20" sheephead. Later, one of my friend's rods with squid on a dropper loop got a violent hit. After struggling with it for a minute or so, he handed it off to me, as it had gotten snagged. 5 min later, an 18" calico surfaced on gear more suited for perch. Afterwards, the action on larger fish slowed down, and I only managed two whitefish, while everyone else picked away at baby perch.

We moved to the GPP around 1pm, and got into some immediate opaleye action. We caught five, with many more losses. Sheephead seemed to cover the bottom, as every bait that hit it was immediately set upon by shorts, with several bigger fish in the mix (including one far larger than the one I had gotten earlier). I landed 2 legals and lost at least three others, while each my friends hooked and lost at least one legal as well.

We headed back to the Mole by 5 pm, and fished mackerel on dropper loops until the 7:30 boat came. No action unfortunately.

This was a pretty good trip, but I wish that I could have gotten my friends on some bigger fish. All in all, not a bad way to start the year.