Avalon 1/1 (Late post)


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What better way to start off the New Year than with some fishing. I took the usual 6 am boat and started off fishing the GPP. Fishing was incredibly slow, to the point that I only caught a topsmelt by 10 am. There was a lot of bait in the water, mostly smelt with a couple jack mackerel mixed in, and, using live bait, I had a couple short bites that I suspect were short calico. At around 12, some opaleye and calico showed up by the pilings, but both proved extremely spooky. I only hooked one opaleye that broke me off in the pilings, and one 13.5" calico, both on flylined peas. At around 2 pm, I dropped by High Tide, bought a day pass and fished the inside of the Casino jetty. The action was better there, with many short sheephead and at least two legals that I released, plus several missed bites due to snags. I was using dropper loops with shrimp and cut mackerel. I moved back to the GPP by 5 pm. Fishing continued to be slow, with only a couple short sheephead, calico, and a handful of jack mackerel for my efforts. I took the 7:30 boat back home.

The Mole should be reopening this summer, and, from what little I could see through the construction barriers, decent progress is being made, probably thanks to Catalina's tourist destination status.
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