Are your local tackle shops and...

Red Fish

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You have to call: Bay Tackle is closed. Rodeo Bait is open in the SF Bay. Benicia Bait is open until they run out of bait (about 1). Martinez Bait closed (stating non-essential). Gotcha Bait (Antioch) is open. Virgil’s Bait (Suisun) is open. Berkeley Marina/Castro Valley Bait (closed). Berkeley Sportfishing boats are closed according to person I talked to (saying maybe the end of the summer). But recorded message says March 21.


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Pretty much all the landings in socal are closed. The health department told them they could not have more than 10 people on the boat including crew. Not economic to run with that few people. 6 pack boats are ok and some of the bigger boats have said they would run if you charter the boat.

SC McCarty

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The local shops in coastal Ventura County (Eric's Tackle and Hyun's Ventura in Ventura, and the Angler's Den in Camarillo) are all closed. Dick's Sporting Good in Oxnard (and probably elsewhere) is open for curbside pickup only.

Piers and Beach Access:
Hueneme Pier is closed, along with most of the parking lot. The part of the lot closest to the pier is open, as is the restaurant.​
The Silver Strand Beach parking lot is open.​

Ventura Pier and parking lot are open. From the road the pier looked sparsely populated. It also appeared that Ventura State Beach is open. The small beach access parking lot at the end of Seaward is also still open.​
West Marine in Sausalito is open (they have hardware store exemption as an essential business).

When I went two days ago, they were only allowing one customer in the store at a time and had tape on the floor denoting required distance from the clerk...

In any case, they have every tackle item you could need, plus frozen anchovies (tray), frozen sardines, frozen herring, frozen grass / ghost shrimp, and frozen mackerel.

However, I am still seriously in need of live bait right now... baited sabikis have mostly produced large perch and small brown rockfish, and even when I resorted to buying a trap to catch my own bullheads / shiner / smelt, it has still be very tough going.