Anyone try fishing this area in Dana Point?

Hello - I visit the long jetty in front of the Ocean Institute in Dana Point and every time I visit I look on the right side (circled in red) towards the beach area and haven't noticed many people there (especially in winter) - is this area approved for fishing? If so, and if anyone has fished this area - how is it?

Thanks in advance

InkedDana Point1_LI_small.jpg

Ken Jones

Staff member
It looks like that area is part of the Dana Point State Marine Conservation Area. As for the fishing, I have not shore fished in that area. I will leave it to locals to hopefully provide some information.

Permitted/Prohibited Uses:

  1. It is unlawful to injure, damage, take, or possess any living, geological, or cultural marine resource for recreational and/or commercial purposes, with the following specified exceptions:
    1. The recreational take of finfish by hook-and-line or by spearfishing, and spiny lobster and sea urchin is allowed.
    2. The commercial take of sea urchin, spiny lobster by trap, and coastal pelagic species by round haul net, brail gear, and light boat is allowed. Not more than five percent by weight of any commercial coastal pelagic species catch landed or possessed shall be other incidentally taken species.
    3. Take pursuant to operation and maintenance of artificial structures inside the conservation area is allowed, pursuant to any required federal, state and local permits, or as otherwise authorized by the Department.
  2. Take of all living marine resources from inside tidepools is prohibited. For purposes of this section, tidepools are defined as the area encompassing the rocky pools that are filled with seawater due to retracting tides between the mean higher high tide line and the mean lower low tide line.