Anyone fishing?

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Yes, but the catching has not been great from shore. Actually little slower than my last report with days of like 1 angler to like 20 anglers fishing 2 rods each. Perhaps when the weather heats up in the next week or so? The SF Bay has seen its coldest spring this year in a long time. Not that many shad passed by coming out of the Sacramento River and there are days of lots of smelt and only 1 halibut and a striper for a pier in the Eastbay.
On another note, I went to Rohnert Park in the Santa Rosa area on Wednesday and visited PFicer Derek McMasters that is moving out of California to Washington. Hadn’t seen him since our last good herring run at Ferry Point, and that was before the pandemic. Good to catch up with him 1 last time before his final move. I also stopped by Outdoor Pro tackle shop which is basically around the corner on the west side off Highway 101.
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I visited Goleta Pier yesterday from 6:30 – 7:30 PM. This was my first fishing outing since 11/11, and I was hoping just for some sardines to jig up (this is a good time of year for that in this locale). The weather was great, but the fishing seemed slow for the little time I was there. I managed to jig up only a shiner perch and a small jack mackerel. Other people out at the end were catching a few jack mackerel as well. No big game seen.

A big flock of brown pelicans was just chilling in the middle of the bay, which confirms that there is bait around but it wasn't in striking distance that evening.

As I was leaving, two big groups of anglers were walking out to the end of the pier with heavy tackle.

I had been really cooped up and itching to wet a line!


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No fishing for me. I did visit Shelter Island pier yesterday in the evening and the action was pretty quiet. I walked up to the loading dock/ramp area and there were lots of small bait fish (2-inch size or so).