Anyone fish...

11/11/20. 1600 - 1725. Mussel Shoals at right side of pier ramp. Carolina rig GCSW grubbing using 5’ leader and the Penn slammer III. Water temp 59 F. One 6” bsp. Never before had so many tiny bites without hooking.

11/15/20. 0815 - 0940. Leadbetter Beach. Grubbing Carolina rig GCSW. Water temp 58 F. Skunked. Some bites in beach divet I found. Bad eel grass and kelp, lots of untangling.

Have not pier-fished since September but I have to say Goleta Pier did not produce for me this year. Maybe to do with the debris the city had dumped on the beach from collection basins in the hillside communities? Or it's that I'm targeting bonito and macks at end and halibut shallow and just not able to put in the time to catch them? I have seen people catching perch and thornbacks but I'm not so much interested in them.

Looking forward to reports of fun times if you come down.