Anybody fish Goleta recently?


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This pier stands out on Ken's December 2020 report and I've also been hearing anecdotal reports from the crew at San Clemente that this pier is producing.

Anyone fish it recently or have any tips on the particulars on this pier?
Fished Wed/2Dec and Thu/3Dec, both days 0645-1130. (These were mainly shake-down outings to test the practicality of the cart I threw together from parts I had around the house.)




(Sun on one side, moon on the other.)


Set up on the west side at the bend, targeting rockfish off the pipeline on high/low rigs with frozen squid.

On Wednesday, I caught fish between 0700-0915 (high tide 0942): 6-brown rockfish (best: 10 1/4in.) 3-kelp bass (best: 12 3/4 in.) 1-walleye surfperch.



Of note, as I was packing to leave, a man just south of the shack and fishing off the east side brought up four thornback rays (18-24 in.) in ten minutes.

On Thursday, it was windy with a heavy SW swell (high tide 1017.) The only fish caught was at 0650 (made for a long day after that): 1-brown rockfish.


Ken Jones

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The pipe reef almost always produces brown rockfish. Last time I was down there, a couple of years ago, it also produced a couple of sheephead for me. First time I had caught them there.