Another cabezon at Hueneme (11/21/19)

SC McCarty

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I went to Hueneme Pier yesterday afternoon. Fishing mid-pier, my only catch was a small cabezon, caught on mussels, near a piling. This was my first cabezon ( a fish on my list), but I was really hoping for a larger one.

Cabezon 191121bS.jpg
Cabezon 191121aS.jpg

This follows another cabezon, caught by Andree, a month ago. I thought her catch was a freak occurrence. Hueneme is in the middle of the Ventura sand flats, not typical cabezon habitat. My catch suggests I might have been wrong, but this brings up a concern: Other than me, no one who saw either fish knew what they were, so they would not know these fish have a size limit, and there is a tendency for many fishermen at Hueneme to take home everything.

Several people were fishing the surf area. On the way back, I saw one catch a nice barred surfperch. I complemented the fish, and he showed me his bucket, which had another nice perch and a yellowfin croaker. All were caught on mussel.

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Ken Jones

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I've only caught one cabezon there and that was way back in 2004. Like you it was caught down by the pilings. My species totals for that pier is fairly low although I also haven't fished it as much as most of the other piers. I need to get back down there.