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Ken Jones

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Date: June 4, 2003
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From: Songslinger
Subject: Subject: The Net Man Nets His Fish

Berkeley Pier — Ugly Stick Tiger BWS 2200 (12-30) — Daiwa Regal Z 4000ia — P Line CXX 15# — Owner SSW Black Chrome Size 4 Hook — Live Shiner Perch On Float Rig — Striped Bass, 24” —DINNER

Minus tide at 9:30 or so made the choice for me. Nothing for it but to get back on BP and beat feet one more time. Got out on the pier just after the bottom of the tide. Crappy water but the wind was okay. Bait was scarce and it took me a long time to scarf up three shiners, one of which I could not keep because she was bulging with the next generation of...bait. Saw a hallie caught on live chovies about midway between the first two cleaning tables, and one striped bass hanging from LeRoy's rope (nice big fat striper) up just past the last cleaning table. I went nearly to the end, into Rock Hopper and Jason & Ant territory. Bass was what I was after. For some reason I missed out on that species during the halcyon days of the May Mania.

Nothing else happened for hours. The striper hit around 2 and took out line like it was trying to spin a top. Fine fast run and then a tour for about 50 yards left to right. Nobody else around, so I got to enjoy this fish. I sort of played it too groovily and it took off on me, straight under the pier. (Doh!) Time to quit fooling around and dig the sucker out of there. Really hate those barnacle sandpaper concrete footings, ya know? Coaxed it out of the shadows and managed to get the crab ring thrown down without losing it, and from there it was a sweet little ballet of balance and dexterity. And then I launched that sucker over my head. Slam dunk for the net man? Not quite a swish but close enough.

Name: fishnchips

Good going Slinger!!!!!

Name: crazyguy

Good fish!

Name: salty nick

Way to go, Netslinger!

Name: phishinpat

Congrats on the fish, I know you’ve been wanting a striper. And there you have it!

Name: patrick333

Nice job, Glen. We should hook up again soon.

Name: thecrw

One Man Show! Kaw! Kaw! Catch and landed it yourself!!!??? You are truly a Jedi Master!!! Still looking for my first Sriper... ~Elric aka TheCrw

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Name: nigeria butler

Way to go.

Name: gyozadude

Would have loved to have seen the movie.The little ballet between you the net and the striper would have made excellent movie fare, 'Slinger. The misplaced confidence and near tragic loss of the fish as it swam under the pier. The dangerous dual between your line and the barnacles... and the final triumph that really shows that man can rise to the occasion, when he’s put in the right situation... Gyozadude, “Yes - I can roll my own potsticker skins”

Name: Songslinger

I did take some shots with my Olympus SLR--digital is not available because we are changing systems all over the house--so maybe at a later date those will be posted. Patrick333 and Jason Chin might get a chuckle out of them...Your summation is superb. It captures everything and uses less verbiage. Brevity with elegance, a synthesis the good writer strives to achieve.

Name: gyozadude

Rugged Independence and Self-reliance? The story was almost Emersonian in many ways. I'm sure -he- would approve. It brings to mind another similarity to a 20+lbs lingcod Salty posted about last year sometime. It was over at Bean Hollow and Salty managed to hook, fight and land the monster himself without getting washed out to sea or losing the ling. He got another 10 lb ling or something close to that not long after. Does this mean your streak is here? Perhaps, a parallel cycle begins anew with a different angler? :)

The courageous soldier can but die once. But a coward dies many times. What about the ruggedly independent and self-reliant angler who's streak has turned for the better? It certainly can't be the fish that are cowardly, but yet, they die many times, slain by your hook and line. Yet, if the fish are stupid, does not foolishness make up more than half of courage and hence they but die once? This fishing streak thing is certainly a paradox. Hope it's a karma-cycle thing and we'll just leave it at that :) Gyozadude — “Yes - I can roll my own potsticker skins”

Name: Songslinger


Name: gyozadude

Re: (~?~)

Name: Songslinger

(~!~) Just my way of signifying a deep post. You know how I feel about Emerson, of course, and the rest of the post (paragraph 3) was really cool. Streaks? Could be. For Berkeley Pier it is a waiting game and can be a long time between fish. At least for me. On land (and with lures) it is a little more consistent and/or fruitful. When I'm on the reefs or rocks I can conjur magic with a bit more ease and facility. So the real challenge of the wait-and-bait game on the pier is...patience, a resource of which I am in short supply. The month I devoted ought to be a good character builder if nothing else. Ha!

Name: gyozadude

I thought this was some secret web emoticon you were signifying as being “smart ass” so I countered with a “dumb ass”. :) Gyozadude— “Yes - I can roll my own potsticker skins”

Name: Songslinger

I'm Not Apprised On Emoticons! As they say in Spinal Tap, “There is s fine line between clever and stupid.” So much for my brillant career as a semiologist.

Name: Red Fish

Good Going Slinger! I didn't know you liked Berkeley Pier so much!

Name: Songslinger

“I didn't know you liked Berkeley Pier so much!” Well, call it a renaissance. Proximity aided and abetted as well: I just couldn’t resist the phenomenon this time around. But the rush is ebbing and other realms beckon. Searching For Serenity

Name: donblaze420

Slingin Solo!! Nice job

Name: SteveO

Way to go slinger!! Miss them Stripers... That's the plan for my next trip up there. all is one under the sun and moon

Name: jason chin

Right on dude! All that net-work paid off. You are the man. The self sufficient fisherman. Catches his own bait in nasty conditions, seeks out the species he wants, hooks the prize and nets it too. My hats off to you... Ants got a wedding to go to Saturday. I'll be solo. I'll give ya a ring to see if you can get out. Good job again bud. Jason “bayrunner”

Name: Sinker

Congrats Slinger. Nice to be able to have them peel line and not have to worry about other people being in the way or not reeling in.

Name: baitfish

Right on Slinger!

Name: Ken Jones

Swish through the net...spoken like a Hoosier... although I think you said you were from our neighbor state Illinois.