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Ken Jones

Staff member
Beginning to think my idea of what's useful may be wrong. A lot of information on the site but not even sure if people read it. Certainly the message board is not what it once was. Perhaps the new age and new media has made sites like this dinosaurs?

SC McCarty

Well-Known Member
I think that most people here appreciate the information you post, Thank you for reposting old articles and threads while the fishing has been slow.

I think the message board is slow, because the fishing has been slow. For months, we did not have coastal access, and as the piers and beaches open up, the fish have not been there. For Southern California, I wonder if it has anything to do with the red tide we had a while back. I would think that we have had time to recover, but it was extensive, reaching at least from Orange to Ventura counties. As fishing heats up, I am sure that activity will return.