Advisory board --

Ken Jones

Staff member
Pier Fishing In California has been a website since 1997. We're an oldie and I would like to try to also make us /keep us a goodie (even though technology and things like web sites have undergone tremendous change). I too am getting old and although I hate to admit it, am sure I am myself behind on some of the latest trends.

In response, I would like to have an advisory board made up of 5-7 people who (1) have a love and dedication to pier fishing and shore fishing AND (2) are willing to advise on how to keep/make our site one that is truly useful for inshore anglers. I will not promise to always agree with the advice but promise a fair hearing. I am hoping we could get some voices from different parts of the state, different genders, and different age group members.

If you are interested in being on such a board please send me a note to In the note simply explain why you would like to be on the advisory board and what you think you have to offer such a board. Looking forward to hearing from some of you.