Advice for exploring fishing spots in Northern Sonoma & Mendocino County?



After a decade in SF I’ll be finally leaving and moving into Sonoma County to start the next chapter of my life. Now I’ve fished every nook from Bodega up to Salt Point SP but have never really ventured north past that point as it has been too far for day trips.

With that area about to be much closer to me I was looking at maps and areas I’d like to explore but it seems like a lot of that fishable coastline is blocked due to some fenced farmland with no trespassing signs everywhere (to prevent prescriptive easements) or runs up against a string of seaside mansions.

I was wondering if those of you that live in Sonoma or southern Mendo county have any advice as to what I should be looking for in terms of accessing some of the rocks north of Salt Point up to Mendocino that aren’t SMRs or SMCAs with no-take rules around finfish? Is it just turnouts and longer hike-ins? Should I ask around locally about spots with “prescriptive easements”?


Been up to Fort Bragg many times.. tried fishing the jetties up there but zero luck. If you’re that far north, I would try crab snaring. Lots of dungies in the Mendocino shoreline.
I keep forgetting that dungie season doesn’t wrap up till the end of July that far north so I’ll definitely brush the dust of my snares.
I've stayed at a place outside Fort Bragg a few times that backs up to Ten Mile Beach. It's a huge beach and most of the access points are a long walk in sand/dunes to get there, but it strikes me as probably a perchy beach, at least the parts I've seen.

The area is a patchwork of SMCAs and SMRs, so know the rules and boundaries, and know where you are.

I took a rod once but for some reason I didn't fish. Maybe I forgot my license at home? Can't remember any more.

Good luck.


Just hunt around north of Jenner. You'll start finding the good spots from the rocks. If you haven't already