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Got my Metallic Emerald Green Abu Pro Rocket in the mail yesterday.......I have been wanting one for YEARS.........Will Post reviews as I start the basic tear down for lubrication, fill it with line, and start to use it.........My Present Fantasy regarding these reels is to eventually have one of each Green, Purple, Yellow, Copper (the colors I like) paired to a custom built color schemed rod........I will be giving away a lot of gear this Christmas to people that need it.

My first critique is very simple.....I can't imagine why Abu Garcia Does NOT INCLUDE A MANUAL, BASIC INSTRUCTIONS, or a SCHEMATIC with a reel in this price point. Furthermore.....Their WEBSITE does not have any that are specific to this reel series......

s-l500.jpg s-l1600 (1).jpg

Whatever happened to ALANTANI?????

I spooled the reel with 15# Stren Hi-Impact Flourescent Green line and gave it a basic oiling with the provided Abu Garcia Oil......Some of the OLD TIMERS on this board will remember Ron of Ron's Reel Repair.....He recommended ATF for lubing baitcasting reels as it is basically Quantum Hot Sauce without the price tag........Hope to get this reel out for some test casting on a Tica 10" Salmon/Steelhead Rod this weekend......
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From what I understand, they called the modern pro rockets, with the knobs on both sides, "international" reels because they were made for the international market. For a long while, the newer US market Abus only had the one knob on the crank side.

Besides what I mentioned on the other post, I also own an Abu black "International" 6500 Big Game reel.
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Got another Abu Pro Rocket off of eBay......This time the Metallic YELLOW one......Will Likely be pairing this one up with an old school Lamiglass Surf Rod that I plan to rebuild......AGAIN

Oooo Nice!

I just rebuilt my Lamiglas recently. Messed up on the cord handle though because I shook the can of coating and it left a bunch of bubbles. But it doesnt matter I use the rod and somethings going to get messed up eventually.

I'll post a pic of my big game and purple later.
Here is the pic. 5500 purple CS Rocket and 6500 CL Big Game, both in stock form. The silver reel is a slightly modded S5600C from the 90s. I added the power handle and two bearings on the level wind worm gear, even though it doesn’t need it. Lol


Any new news on the Pro Rockets? Been looking at them again. I really want a Chrome Pro Rocket. That one on eBay is tempting me. It’s expensive but is actually a good price.

I’m going to make a custom Abu Garcia 5500 C3 for my younger bro for his B day. He sprung a last minute Christmas gift on me, which was a Shimano 500 Tekota A. It totally caught me by surprise. I was actually in the process building a custom Abu for myself but those parts are going into my bro’s reel now. No big deal. I’ll surprise him now.(y)