A different view of Santa Catalina.

Ken Jones

Staff member
The first time I visited Catalina was on our honeymoon in 1966 and we rode the SS Catalina steamship (Great White Steamer) to the island.

However, there was a slight faux pas on my part. On the morning after our arrival, I awoke early and found the newly crowned Mrs. Jones still asleep. What to do? Well, why not go fishing? After all, this was Avalon, one of the most famous fishing spots in California (if not the world). I slipped on some shorts and headed down to the Green Pleasure Pier where there was a boat and tackle rental. Soon after I was rowing out to deeper waters in the small skiff from which I proceeded to catch some fish. When Pat woke up, she found me missing and a note saying that I was going fishing. I don’t think she was amused albeit she was somewhat used to it (my fishing) by that time. It did however emphasize from an early point that the significant other in our marriage would be my fishing.