A degree in "Pier Piscatology"

Ken Jones

Staff member
Piscatology: the art or science of fishing.

Am thinking of having certificates printed for a BS, MS and PHD in "Pier Piscatology." To receive a certificate you would have to pass a test based upon the information found in the PFIC pier and fish articles as well as (perhaps) additional criteria. Thinking about the additional criteria. What would it be? Possibly actual fishing trips, catch of fish, other knowledge, etc.? The test part would be easy but setting up other criteria and certifying the information might be a little harder. Not too hard for long-time members but it might be harder for newbies.

Your thoughts?
How many would actually be interested?

BTW, based upon the knowledge they've shown over the years (mainly via posts to the site) some or our old timers have already earned a PHD in Pier Piscatology. They will be suitably notified when/if we go ahead with this project.

Red Fish

Senior Member
Just thinking about this today, as I saw this post a few days ago. What I would be more interested in is a PFIC/UPSAC memorial page (with bio/ contributions). Seems like there is a lot of history on PFIC now.