A Boat Trip July 27 & 28

Hello Gents, I am taking my boat out on these days, if anyone want to join me i can take 3-4 guys out, might go out long beach maybe hit horseshoe kelp area, troll around for a few hours fish and talk, heck i dont talk much just fish. its a 30ft phoenix, 30 gallon bait tank. not sure if we will get bait depends on the current fish action. would like to invite whoever can make it to san pedro. just pm me if you like. if not, i just thought i reach out to my forum friends.

if nothing major happens before then, ill keep it on. ill post on here.

take care

I’d so jump on this but with a young family I’m stuck shore bound. Best of luck out there! I heard things are picking up locally finally
Thats a really cool offer man! Even though I’m not in socal, I still appreciate the effort & generosity. Hopefully karma repays you with some beautiful tuna :)
Well My plan is to go out every weekend til december then im pulling boat out of the water to get it painted, The day i have set aside are for The guys in Pierfishing, I would like Ken to come, but i know he lives far, but even still, can contact me and see if there an opening on my boat, all due to the weather, it really depends on that. some days will be great and some not so. But just PM me and i can arrange something, going to take some freedivers out sometimes, but ill be fishing on most days. So thanks for the nice comments. Cheers

Oh Im not a new member been on here for a while. :)
Nobody came around, Mahigeer reschedule for another time, So I had noone show up, I just worked on the boat drove it around, came back in after 2 hours of driving around, did not do any fishing.
But ill schedule another round in a few weeks.

i didnt go out this weekend either Was windy a bit, but was a nice sunny day.
Bought a winch for my boat ill be installing it in the coming days just waiting for sew parts and solid bracket to mount on the bow of the boat.


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I could not make it.

Looking forward to another date. I will be sure to post a report when we do.

It is not cheap to make these trips, so it is not every weekend.
Also some work needs to be done.

I am looking forward to some lobster fishing when season arrives. We could use a pulley for the net pulling.