A bad San Francisco Joke

Ken Jones

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When sand crabs go bad —

Once upon a time, there was a sand crab and a mud crab. They were the best of friends. They were born on the same day, and then they died on the same day. When they went up to heaven, God said to them, "Muddy, Sandy, there is only one place left in heaven. One of you is going to have to go down to hell."

Sand crab insisted that mud crab deserved heaven better, so sand crab went to hell. 10 years passed. Mud crab went to see God one day and said "God, I am really missing sand crab. May I please go down to hell to see him? Just for a little while? PLEASE!!" God saw how upset Muddy was and told him "Mud crab, since you asked so nicely, you may go down to hell and see sandy until 6 o'clock tonight. You must be back by then though."

Mud crab left at once to go down to hell. When he arrived, he looked around for sand crab and saw him over in the hell disco. They caught up and had a great time dancing and talking. All of a sudden, Muddy remembered the promise he made to God and looked at his watch. It was 5:59!! He said his goodbyes and rushed back up to heaven. When he got up there, it was 6:02. God yelled at him something fierce. He shouted about respect and rudeness.

"And where is your harp young crab?"

"Oh, no."


Then he began to sing "I left my harp in sand crab's disco!"


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Wow, That is a looooooong way to go for a vaudeville punch line! I have been guilty of telling a few of those myself over the years, so I am just going to say: a-riggidda-boom (tink)