6/20 Pacifica Pier



Summer Solstice.

Arrived at the pier around 2:30pm and there was a good amount of fishermen. Crowded but not shoulder to shoulder. Caught 1 short Dungeness and 1 4.5” Rock. Had two big ones drop right at the rail. Weather was good and water was calm. Most people were wearing masks and the game warden came by issued warnings to people with shorts and showed them how to measure correctly. Overall a nice day out.
We were there on Wednesday night, Friday and today since my shore fishing skills at Ocean beach obviously need some work (although a guy next to me caught a huge striped bass at OB a few weeks ago).. I have to say not much different in Pacifica compared Ocean Beach in terms of crowd. Glad to report that they seem on the ball at Pacifica, reminding everyone about wearing masks and handing out free masks to those who didn't have them every time they cruised the pier for trash pickup and the Pacifica PD also did patrol it as well. Things were crowded today considerably although less than on weekends before the pandemic but really it seems all familiy groups together. No fish today, although saw some nice sized perch, smelt, and one striper (smaller than the OB catch I saw a few weeks back, but a keeper), Crabs seem gone in my experience trying Pacifica/OB/Baker, maybe I saw one very small, thrown back..

My girls got a few good sized perch and jacksmelt over the past few days. Good fried up. Well enjoyed.

Wednesday weather was great in the evening (great sunset, calm), Friday was wind swept fog cold, barely tolerable, today was in between (bit chilly, foggy but not too bad). Glad Pacifica Pier is back but worry about crowds building up. Stay healthy and keep fishing.
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