3 Dog, Bigg Ross and the gang at the pier...

Ken Jones

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An interesting group that I had the chance to meet over the years.

Date: May 13, 2011
To: PFIC Message Board
From: Jigmaster39
Subject: Fish’n Da Ventura Pier

Friday the 13th and the Sardines, Mackerel, Sea Trout, Walleye Perch, and a few Barred Perch are hitting good. One lucky fisherman hauled in a 4.5-ft. Angel Shark with the help of one of the Sharkey guys from the end of the pier named 3 Dog. He had to use his gaff since the shark was too big for the net.

Posted by clayman

Cool shark, wonder how they cook up. So that shark guy's name is 3-Dog? Haha! Did he get that from the movie The Human Centipede?

Posted by 420Fisherman

3 dog is a local homeless fisherman whom often lives on the pier and rents out poles and tackle cheap in the summer and will give you bait if you need it when he has it, he is real cool and will tell you more about the local fishing then most, he is named 3 dog because of his 3 dogs, I wish most homeless dudes (especially in the area) where as cool as him, at least he tries to catch food and he is always helpful...

Posted by Jigmaster39

Your right about 3 Dog, we also have, on the Ventura Pier, Bigg Ross, (head shark hunter) Ginger head, (redhead), Burrito, (for his size), Jewish Gary, (cause he's cheap), Black Tim, (he is black), Monkey man, (cause he's nuts), Hot Sauce, (use to own a hot shop), that's all I can think of right now, there are a few more. We get a lot more in the summer.

Date: July 5, 2011
To: PFIC Message Board
From: 420Fisherman

Subject: Fish’n Da Ventura Pier July 5th

Hello fellow fisherfolk, I made it to the end of the pier around 1AM with no bait (spur of the moment) but caught 5 mackerel and 6 piling perch throughout the night in the hole. The morning brought fresh fisherman and Major drama when a tweaked out young dude tried to claim the very nice custom fishing pole of the very first fisherman to start setting up. Well needless to say things flared up quickly and the fisherman’s friends showed up right away and things got pretty crazy with the tweeeeked out dude swinging a knife while holding the fishing pole with a death grip. Big Ross showed up with shark club at side and demanded to work it out and called the police, well the tweeked out dude started really getting crazy and was swinging his knife around at Big Ross and others while threatening to go get a gun ETC, claiming very hardily that the pole was always his and that they were the ones trying to steal it from him! Well the Pigs showed up and the tweeeker was hauled off to jail, about this time things were calming down and someone fishin’ for shark bait (mackerel) caught an anchovy and gave it to Big Ross whom saw that I was rigged for halibut and gave it to me, 15 mins later I caught my first halibut of the year, a cute little 15 incher, thank you fellow fisherman! And not long after a new friend caught one almost the same size at the same spot with a tiny 1-inch ronky! There were some pompano caught and a little excitement when a solo fisherman landed a 15-20 pound bat ray. I left around 2pm after 13 hours of straight fishing, oh well no skunk is a good trip and that little mini halibut sure made my trip worth it!