$1.50 rod guides?

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Was looking around on eBay when I searched for rod guides and a bunch of Chinese no name brands showed up. $1.50 for seven spinning guides and a tip. $2.00 for conventional guides. All marked “stainless steel”, but then again, might just be some random metal. 1-2 month free shipping.
Thinking of rebuilding an old rod of mine, from a spinning to a conventional rod, but I never had any guides. Are these worth a try 640EDCDD-17DE-4FDE-B0D1-ED1D0B9491E7.jpeg from you guys’ experience?


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They look good. If it's just some random rod, I'd use them. I usually wrap acording to how good of a rod blank I have. Not gonna wrap good guides on a cheap blank and vice versa.

Do you care where the spine of the blank is? You might need a reel seat too. Switching from spinning to casting/conventional, the spines are on opposite sides. Manufacturers usually don't care these days. A lot of times I see brand new rods with wrapped offset spines to the side or some wierd angle.

Where are they coming from? Depending, might take a while getting here.