“Fish so thick that you have to bait your hook in your pocket”


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“Fish so thick that you have to bait your hook in your pocket”

It is a comment made toward the end of the 20 min clip about a trip to Santa Catalina Island.
I came across the clip on YouTube and thought to share it.

It is a B&W clip made in 1938.

A couple of notes: there is an annoying counter, that I could not get rid of. Maybe you can.
You will see two piers, but no Cabrillo Mole, if you pay attention. Some other stuff that no longer are there too.
However, a there are also some familiar buildings and such as of today! Wow.

SC McCarty

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While the fishing segment was short, I enjoyed seeing the SS Catalina. After graduation in 1969, my eighth grade class took the SS Catalina to Avalon, spent the day, then flew back on Grumman Gooses. The trips there and back were the highlights of the outing. Unfortunately, within a few years, both services were discontinued.



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Before the Catalina Express, I have taken a single haul boat that was red. In 2014, I took a picture of a similar boat, but not sure it is the same. This one was called the Catalina King. It maybe the same.