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    Pacifica Pier reopens —

    Now if we could just get the Berkley pier repaired so it could re open.
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    Oregon and piers...

    Newport Oregon has some docks that people fish off of like piers.
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    New Pier in East Bay

    Someone posted pics on social media of a salmon and stripers caught on the new pier. So it’s probably going to get really crowded now.
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    Monterey Wharf #2 Report

    I tried shrimp and gulp sandworms around the pilings and no perch. Usually when I’m using bait around pier pilings something bites. I didn’t even catch or have my bait stolen by the senorita fish. I did bring motor oil grubs, but I never tried them.
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    Monterey Wharf #2 Report

    I went fishing at the Monterey Wharf # 2 pier on Sunday. I fished from 9 am to 3 pm. The day started out great. Incoming tide in the morning and I caught 7 pacific mackerel really fast in the morning. I also lost two mackerel to seals. But then around 10 in the morning the bite shut off. I was...
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    I just found out the Spud Point Marina Pier in Bodega Bay is now closed. Duh!!!

    It’s seems like every pier in this state is closed. That’s sad. I saw a post that you previously made listing piers that are closed, in need of repair, or are being repaired. It seems like this state doesn’t value its fishing piers unlike other states back east.