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    Bring a sabiki rig for wharf. You will need to go down and see if fish are around. Lots of great beach between Monterey and Santa Cruz. Probably want to be on the more west facing beaches where the water is moving rather than the little beaches right around Monterey where the water is...
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    Filleting knife?

    Ever watch the deck hands on a boat cleaning fish? They are sharpening many times in one session.
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    Penn fierce sale at dicks sporting

    Dicks will never get another penny from me since they've decided to go the anti gun route.
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    Big Mac's biting at Monterey wharf

    Had some errands in the Monterey area, so stopped by the wharf on friday the 7th late afternoon. Maybe 20 people fishing up and down the pier. Went out to the end and chatted with a lady fishing. She said the mac's were hitting about an hour ago. We fished with sabikis for about an hour but...
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    Salt Point

    My experience has been that if they are biting, then just about any bait works. But I almost exclusively use squid unless I happen to have recently caught bait fish. It just works. Never had success using artificial baits in rocky areas from the shore, but maybe it's just the areas I fish...
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    Strangest way you've ever landed/hooked fish?

    Here's my son's ling landed tangled in kelp. If you look closely, you can see the hook and leader in the fish's mouth.
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    Strangest way you've ever landed/hooked fish?

    Shore rock fishing with my son last year, he says that he thinks there's a fish on his line. The line was way out in the kelp. He starts reeling slowly, and it is just dead heavy weight. When it gets closer, we can see that he's dragging half the kelp bed in, and there is a sizable fish in it...
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    Losing Gear

    A few years ago, my son and I decided to do a little rock fishing. So we drive an hour, and I decide to stop at a tiny little cove in a residential neighborhood and throw a few casts before going on to our final destination. Rig up on the 12' ugly stick, first cast out into the kelp, and the...
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    Anything happening in Monterey?

    Stopped by the wharf around 1:30. Light rain, no fisherman. Looked around in the water. Did not see any schools of anything.
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    Anything happening in Monterey?

    Rain! Heading down that way shortly for a costco run. Will go by the wharf and see if there is any action.