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    Half moon Bay pier

    I found out today after various delays that the Half Moon Bay public fishing pier is back open. It was closed for a revamp. And with the Covid-19 SIP never got the proper grand re-opening. Plan to visit it next week.
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    HMB Pier

    Not sure if already posted, but the Half Moon Bay fishing pier is being rebuilt and closed. Hopefullly, if on schedule due to reopen this month. I tried to go out there and found out the hard way.
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    Good to Great Blackened recipe

    I can't take any credit, did a search on the Net one night for a blackened seasoning to use on some frozen striper filets. I recommend this with the more firmer fish like stripers, halibut and lingcod. It was very good, I may...
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    Late Report HMB Pier

    Went out last Friday evening. Hooked up on a 24" Ling - to my surprise. Couple of other small browns and grassies.
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    HBM Pier

    South winds making the ocean side of the jetty very choppy and dangerous. I hung out at the fishing pier inside the harbor. Caught a few small rockfish (grasses) released but was some action. Water around the pier pretty clear- bad crabbing in my opinion. Only watched legal rock crabs, no...
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    Fishing license

    Totally in agreement. What's strange at the State level, when you by the State Park annual parking pass, it's based on the month that you purchased the permit. I don't see why DFW can't do the same.