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    Pogies are really pretty fish and they put up a nice fight. You say it tasted bad - how so? Have you eaten them before, and if so how did this one differ?
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    1. Coin Sinker because it's not too snaggy, doesn't roll in the surf as much as a pyramid, slides well on a slow retrieve, and can be quick-retrieved to float it above snags. Very curious to hear what others would pick and why.
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    Fish and Clint Eastwood

    Mitten Crab (Dirty & Hairy). I know, I know, I know...
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    Photographing fish

    I've seen people just hold up the dorsal fin with their fingers, which seems to work OK. But I'm also curious to hear if anybody has an actual technique.
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    The Old Days — The Infamous, long and strange "Whitecroakercommandr Chronicles"

    Wow, that guy was committed to his theme. The internet was such a different place back then. This was fun to read.
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    — Moved

    I guess that makes me a "fufferman."
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    — Moved

    I'm not participating either. Even data collected via a 'legit' survey can (read: "almost certainly will") be used in ways you did not explicitly agree to or approve of. Also consider that many so-called surveys are not really about about collecting data, but inserting ideas into people's minds...
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    Lobsters and marriage — not a good idea

    Did she at least get his breakfast?
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    Antioch Bridge Pier

    Must have broke your heart (and your stomach) to release that nice fish...oh well. Hopefully it will go on to spawn.
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    Fall Run Striped Bass

    Great report - thanks for the entertaining read.
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    San Leandro Marina drama?

    Now that was some vintage dialogue! It was fun to read all those crazy stories. Fortunately I have none of my own except to say I have experienced the stranger-making-a beeline-for-me phenomenon many times, as I'm sure most fisherpeople have. My biggest frustration is people who are too friendly...
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    A Lingcod from the wells

    I'm planning to hit HMB this weekend - not specifically for fishing but I will take a rod and squeeze in an hour or two. In the absence of any information about this beach, I'm planning to take a perch setup. Would you recommend targeting different species? Any tips on productive...
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    How much money do you spend per year on fishing?

    travel+food (700) + hooks/line/sinkers (150) + lures/fly-tying materials/tools (300) + bait (70) + poles/reels (300) clothing/misc (200) = 1,720. These are wouldn't surprise me if it was double.