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    California’s recreational spiny lobster season is set to kick off Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021, at 6 a.m.

    I found some carcasses at Bolinas last fall--Agate Beach.
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    Just wondering & curious...

    I haven't fished for a couple of years. I do come by once in a while for a good fish story/report, and I'm glad the site is still active. Without much to contribute, I am a lurker.
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    Freshwater fishing in Davis/Sacramento area

    Putah Creek is prime flyfishing water. Good chance to learn those skills if you haven't already. Lost Coast Outfitters website has good info about rigs, flies, etc. Not sure if they are up to date on regs though.
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    Santa Cruz Wharf proposal — good or bad?

    It's hard to argue with making the pier more climate-resilient, but note that there is no mention of fishing in the article/plans.
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    Eugene Kim - Fundraiser
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    HMB + Pacifica beaches closed

    The goal is to keep roads free for evacuations and firefighters, including Hwy. 1 and Hwy. 92 over the hill. Folks from inland will not be welcome.
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    burying fish carcasses in your garden

    Also, you need to dig DEEP. Any pet worth its salt, or any wild animal, will dig.
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    To eat or not to eat….that is the question?

    It loaded automatically for me--Firefox on a Mac.
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    A brain teaser....

    It is daylight.
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    Just thinking of catfishing...

    Actually, I'd buy that!
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    Are deaths down?

    But how about all the body shop folks? They are really going to be hurting!
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    Question about posting on this website.

    My Firefox is up to date; I must have some sort of setting wrong. Thanks, though, Wanderer.
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    Question about posting on this website.

    Maybe the issue is caused by a particular browser. I cannot see your pictures, Mahigeer, if I use Firefox, but they are fine in Safari.
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    Bank fishing near Cuttings Wharf in Napa

    The name of the property owner is Napa Sea Ranch. You can drive your car right up by the shore to fish. They are still in business for RV storage, etc. as well. Best to call for details.