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    Limits on 3/4 day boats off Newport recently.
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    Fishing With My Mother At Huntington Beach Pier

    Those things can give you a hell of a bite! I’ve grabbed a few over the years trying to pull up a Sand Crab. Leaves a perfect circular your palm.
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    is this a queenfish?

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    CDFW California Halibut Recreational Fishery Webinar

    I’m late to this but I think there should be a slot limit. Let the big old Females (large Halibut are Female) live to create more in the slot.
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    Fisherman Keeping Illegal fish at San Clemente Pier

    Today, on my bike ride, I saw a “Gentleman” using 6 rods at Irvine Park Lake. He had a bucketful of Bluegill and super small Bass. Basically cleaning that tiny pond out. I told him I called the DFG. He ran at me and told me to mind my own #+cking business. Ken is right. Some people just don’t...
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    Second Keeper at Balboa Pier yesterday

    Lot of Bass up and down the surf zone the last few weeks. Spotties, Calico and Sand Bass are on the move.
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    Keeper Halibut Balboa Pier

    Putting your “Kids” on fish is the best feeling ever!
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    Favorite braid?

    Three is a place for all types of line. I still use Mono to throw Jerkbaits for Halibut and I believe the stretch helps with landing them on the waves. I use braid for throwing Topwater, and so I can use my light Spinning Reels with heavy(30)pound) line in certainty snaggy situations.
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    Favorite braid?

    I’ve been using Hurricane Brand 12 strand on my spinning reels. Very round, durable and easy to tie knots. Snugs up very nice. Available on E-Bay.
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    oceanside/crystal cove report

    You can use Sand Crabs at Crystal Cove. You just can’t catch them there. Remember- Limit is 50 per Fisherman. The way I read it, each 50 need to be in a separate bucket.
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    Powerbait for opaleye?

    I tried Orange Powerbait for Barred Perch during a wide open Sand Crab bite. Not a touch! Same color as the Sand Crab eggs but wrong smell.
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    Homemade hair raisers

    My Pops used to tie those. They were hanging all over the house with the smell of epoxy in the air. As I remember he also had feathers sprinkled in there and painted big round eyes on each side of the jighead. Him and my Mom lived in Avenal and fished the Delta from hard from1952 - 57. I...
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    Grunion = halibut = bat rays

    The birds know. You will often see them piling up outside the beaches in the afternoon before the run. Flittering around checking the water, dipping. Same thing they do on squid concentrations. I usually don’t fish during the run but before sunrise after the run. I also throw swimbaits instead...
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    Fishing from the Harbor

    Fish anywhere you want. Don’t leave a mess. Be nice. Fish hard!