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The New Reality
It's going to take some getting used to for a lot of us older anglers. Things have changed a lot from what we would have called the good old days. Youtube, social media and the growth of local fishing clubs have added a new element to the locations where we fish. It's the "new reality" for for the older guys.

But look at it from the standpoint of younger anglers. They've grown up fishing in an era where all they've known are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so forth. To some degree their attitudes are
influenced by what they see and read on social media. To them it's not a new reality. It's just normal.

The results that social media has had on fishing are generally perceived as positive for some (usually the younger anglers) but negative for others ( usually the older angler).

Some of the positives:
1. Attract the attention of more anglers.
2. Locations known only by a handful of fishermen are now accessible to a wider angling community
3. Basic How To's on rigs, gear and technique help new anglers to get started.
4. Easier coordination for group/club outings

Some of the negatives:
1. Overcrowding at some locations
2. Anglers that are geared up but up less knowledgeable and have very little awareness of the etiquette that should accompany gear and technique
3. Fewer anglers that pre-scout a spot and seek advice from to seasoned regulars that have a good working knowledge of a particular location. (In some cases this may be do to a language barrier)

It's only natural for some of the older anglers to lean into the past. While younger ones are mostly focused on the present with less thought about future consequences. Part of being young.

As an older angler, I have to try to resist the tendency to dwell in the past. And my advice for younger anglers is to rely less on social media and take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the older anglers/regulars.

If all of this sounds a little like the Colin Cowherd's comments on The Volume about the JJ Rediick/Mad Dog Russo controversy, I apologize. But it's the reality of fishing in 2022.
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