Lucky craft flashminnow 110 sale


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Hi everyone, my first time posting on here, I would like to post sale on a few items that is available at Tacklewarehouse, I am not affiliated with them, just buy a lot of stuff from them that's all :) First we have the Flashminnow 110, a few colors are on sale for $11.74, shipping is usually $6.75, but anything over $50 is free shipping.

Big hammer swimbait 3" for $3.18 on 2 colors and ring hammer $3.58:

Daiwa Legalis LT, a few models on sale for $47.98:

Sunline Super fluorocarbon line, 660 yards for $31.18, very good line that I have been using for 5 years now:

These are the most notable, check their 2022 summer sale for other stuff too.