Is anyone fishing?

Fished last Wednesday mid to late afternoon at a Marin beach. My usual grubbing outing yielded a couple of hefty red-tails at 11-12" and one sub-legal striper at around 16-17". Stripers are always fun to catch in the surf, and a welcome surprise. Conditions were somewhat tough with the surf and wind, but a sunny vacation day can do wonders for your spirits. Hoping to head out soon again.


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Fished last Sunday, though not seriously. Been too busy working on airguns and I have to finish a kids rod before the weekend, spider man theme.


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I fished the East Bay shoreline for a few hours around the high tide today and ended up getting one medium sized bat ray on a squid chunk. There were huge flocks of sandpipers flying past me on the way to roost somewhere while all their feeding grounds were underwater. At one point a bunch of them ran into my line and it felt exactly like a fish biting, confused the heck out of me. Fortunately they didn't seem harmed by this and just kept going like nothing had happened. I also threw a swimbait for a while until I snagged and broke it off and went back to bait fishing.

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Yes, indeed. Caught this lady a couple hours ago. Foraged bait and put a fat one on the size 4 Owner hook. Sabiki=herring=halibut, 25." 10# mono on a light rod. Had the pole in my hand on the first bite; set the hook on the "departure." Slower water and all the time to feed. Halibut often munch, swallow, and leave the immediate area. You can feel all this happening. It's always cool. Hookset in the corner of the mouth; easy removal. Could have released her but I didn't. Halibut are hitting bait all over south bay and a little bit in the north. Tons of shakers for the kayakers. Water looks like...well, murky..and I haven't been thrilled throwing lures. Like pinfish said.

Good holidays to all.
Friday 2019-04-19 Full Moon
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Good report, worthy of its own thread.